The Spaniards of the Titanic

This book answers all those questions and many more related to before, during, and after the ten Spaniards who lived through the collision with the iceberg and its fatal consequences, against their will. It is the complete story of the ten, as even the deceased had some episodes worthy of the most convoluted novel after their death. And what about the fortunate ones who finally reached New York after the rescue?

Los diez del Titanic is not a novel. It is an accurate recreation of those centennial events based on the testimonies of survivors, official investigations of the time, scientific and journalistic works, and also on what some descendants of those Spaniards have kindly remembered and shared.

In short, Los diez del Titanic is the best tribute to María Josefa Peñasco, Fermina Oliva, Víctor Peñasco, Encarnación Reynaldo, Emilio Pallás, Julián Padró, Florentina Durán, Asunción Durán, Juan Monros, and Servando Oviés. Or in other words: Catalonia, Madrid, Andalusia, Castilla-La Mancha, and Asturias.